My story is short of a miracle that I have been waiting on for a little over 20 years.  I have tried so many remedies, shampoo’s and even got to the point that I was coloring my hair so it  blended in with my scalp. I meet Sarah though  a co-worker and after discussing my family history and problems with my hormone levels, she recommended laser treatments and supplements to get my desired result. One day Sarah surprised me with the most amazing news, she had selected me to be her model for a new hair line product for people with thin hair. It was January  21st , when my family and I drove to L.A. and I had no idea that was going to be the day Sarah changed my life forever.

I cried after seeing myself in the mirror…What an amazing job she had done for me physically and mentally. I have not stopped receiving compliments since then and still have many family members that have to take a double look before they realize it’s me! I can’t thank Sarah enough for all that she has done for me, she is truly a blessing.

Anna F. – San Diego

A few years ago, after a disaster of a cut/highlight, I started researching hair extensions and options to help my fine/thin hair become healthier. I scheduled a consultation with Sarah Kate and was immediately impressed with her knowledge and attention to my concerns. My hair was extremely damaged, but after 6 months of following Sarah Kate’s personalized directives, including specific products and care, my hair became stronger, longer, and ready for extensions. I still remember the first day she put in my extensions….WOW…I was amazed! I never imagined my hair could look so thick, long and beautiful.  The extensions were so natural and my hair was even easier to style. I finally had the Victoria Secret runway hair that every girl dreams of. After about a year and a half we decided to give my hair a break and take out the extensions. I was nervous, but after Sarah Kate’s masterful color and cut I could hardly believe it was my real hair. Sarah Kate is truly an artist and has helped me learn what my hair needs in order to be healthy.  Not only is she the best stylist I have ever had, she is fun to hang out with and I look forward to my visits to her salon!

Kristin L. – Carmel Valley

Thank you Sarah for your amazing meticulousness and keen eye for style! You really fixed my color and style to suit the season and trends while allowing my sense of fun to shine through. Thanks also for suggesting the low light laser treatments & supplements. They’ve been working wonders to stimulate my follicles and encouraging rapid new growth!

Linda J. – San Diego

Hébé is the best thing that has happened to my hair ever! My fine hair was destroyed from highlights and previous extensions. I was afraid super short was the only solution. Sarah Kate corrected the color, recommended a healthier option of extensions, products that work, promote growth and repairs previous damage! Amazing!

Sharyn B. – San Diego

When I first moved to San Diego I was a small town Midwest girl in a big city, with big ideas, big goals and bad hair. After jumping from a couple salons, all with the same disappointing and over priced results, I knew I needed to see Sarah Kate. My hair needed help in every aspect; cut, color, overall health. After years of over processing, split ends, unnatural color, dry and brittle hair, I knew I needed someone who could restore my hair. My hair transformation wasn’t an overnight process, but after following Sarah’s recommendations I can now say I have healthy hair because of her. I can honestly say my hair has never felt as good as it does now. Not only does it feel good, it looks good. I always get compliments on my color and how natural and shiny it looks. Sarah is the most educated stylist I’ve met and is truly an expert. She continues to seek out cutting edge technology for hair restoration and unique ways to color. She is meticulous and a perfectionist, which every woman longs for in a stylist. I would recommend her services to anyone. She is by far the best I have ever had. The proof is in the pudding and I am a perfect example of what she can do. If you follow what she tells you and trust her expertise you will have the most beautiful, healthy hair!

Lacey W. – Cardiff

I always look forward to my appointments at Hébé because as soon as I walk through the door I instantly relax.  It is such a beautiful and calming salon, and Sarah and her team make me feel right at home.  I have my hair highlighted so that it is blonde, and have always struggled with brassiness until I found Hébee.  Sarah is a genius at many things, including getting hair color perfect.  After my first appointment my hair finally had that blonde color I’ve always wished for. I started getting tons of compliments from friends that my hair looks so beautiful and healthy because the blonde is now so natural.  

Trish K. – Escondido

I saw results in a few weeks. It felt much thicker. So much new hair has grown in and my existing hair has grown faster. I have always had thin, fine hair. I have never had so many compliments on my now soft, shiny, and full bodied hair.

Kim J. – Encinitas

Having had baby fine body-less hair my entire life, finally discovering extensions made a remarkable difference and Sarah Kate is the best stylist I have experienced. She takes her work very seriously and keeps my super fragile hair healthy and strong as a result. I have had extensions for 10 years, but none better than Sarah Kate’s. I finally love my hair!

Danit P. – San Diego