While natural ingredients have many amazing benefits, I learned it isn’t that simple. The imbalance of heavy metals found in all living things can pose a threat to our overall health and wellness if consumed in an unbalanced way. For example, kale has tin, green tea has lead and CBD has cadmium.

To become a truly holistic and wholistic beauty manufacturer, I was called to support our bodies in a way manufacturers in the natural beauty industry haven't addressed yet. I chose to go well beyond "THE NEVER LIST" or "THE DIRTY LIST" and manufacture beauty tools that not only don't have unwanted toxic ingredients, but actually serve as a way to deliver vital nutrients into our largest organ (OUR SKIN) on a daily basis to support our optimal health and wellness. I accentuated the benefits and chelated the heavy metals and/or environmental toxins of all my ingredients in my formulas. In doing so I created a synergistic "dance" of ingredients within each product and a system of products that work with one another to support optimal health and wellness for a lifetime, I call this the "NECTAR EFFECT."


Once I unlocked the key to healthy hair with these core beauty tools, I found clear glowing skin to be an added benefit.

Today, you stumbled upon a company with a different standard and philosophy than the beauty "norm" and even the "natural beauty norm" and I look forward to supporting your health + wellness journey with my unique HEALTHY GLOW LIFESTYLE custom designed just for you.

Here's to Healthy Hair + Clear Glowing Skin!