Hair Product for Hair Thinning and Loss


Hair Product for Hair Thinning and Loss

Hello Healthy Hair Tribe!

What makes me the HEALTHY HAIR GURU? Why listen to my voice? Why has no one talked about hair thinning and loss like this before?

These questions are the most common ones I get when people learn about my Philosophy and my Nectars. I would like to take a moment and invite you in to get to know more about me…

First thing I would like to share with you is that I am a very private person. I have never been totally comfortable sharing pictures of me on social media and I am really uncomfortable when all eyes are on me. I’m known for letting my birthday go by without telling anyone because I don’t like the attention - So this blog is such a big reach for me! To put myself out there to be judged and criticized is quite honestly, very scary.

However, it is my passion to help educate people like you about the REAL contributors to hair thinning and hair loss and how you can change your hair’s destiny. You are why I chose to put myself out there for such scrutiny. I can no longer sit back and watch so many people lose their healthy youthful hair because they have been misled by the pharmaceutical and beauty industries.

So what makes me a GURU? I have been a hair stylist for over a decade. Most of my clients (myself included) were getting hair extensions because their hair was thinning and hair loss and they didn’t have the answers to why... I kept hearing the same thing from different people over and over again. They were fed up with their thinning hair and were completely frustrated in not knowing how to go about fixing it.

It bothered me so much! I knew I had to figure out a way to help my clients (and myself!) I have this passion to help every single person to not only have beautiful hair, but to truly be happy. I believe that hair health, self confidence and happiness are all intertwined.

This passion and my drive to problem solve and my unfortunate health problems 3 years ago all lead me down the path of the ultimate discovery…hair thinning and hair loss is all about lack of blood flow.

Now, I’m not a doctor, so I can’t treat what is going on on the inside, but I can cosmetically address the symptoms of the 3 main contributors to hair thinning and hair loss: DHT Build-up, Inflammation and Mineral Deficiency.

How did I learn it all comes down to blood flow and these contributors? Let’s just say I am very open minded about all information I come across and I am relentless about getting to the answers, no matter what it takes. When I started my styling career in the beauty industry, the reasons for hair loss were confusing and the solutions for it were uninspiring. Later as I matured as a stylist, I sought out information about hair thinning and hair loss online and found a lot more misinformation and frankly, things were just not adding up. I think it is kind of funny that I became such a detective because when I was in college at UCSB, I studied Law & Society – I wanted to be an FBI Agent! Well, life didn’t go that direction for me, I chickened out and instead, followed in my mom’s footsteps and ended up in the fashion world for 8 years before becoming a hair stylist at the age of 30. My fashion background is a story for another day...

So, long story short - I was introduced to the natural medicine world over 3 years ago and that is when things started to fall into place. It seemed as though I was finally getting some answers and they actually made sense!

Why Listen to My Voice? I have 2 reasons…my passion. There is no one or company in the Pharmaceutical or Beauty worlds that really has your back and will give it to you straight when it comes to hair thinning and loss…I promise that “I have got you!!” AND my results are the 2nd reason. When used as directed, my Nectars work because they are a direct reflection of my Philosophy.

Why Has No One Talked About Hair Thinning and Loss Like This Before? My best answer is money. The hair thinning and hair loss world is a 4 Billion Dollar a year business (As big as the over the counter flu medicine market) and 97% goes to Big Pharma. It is in their best interest to keep you in the dark. 

If you choose to come along on this journey with me, I promise to bring you out of the dark and into the light! No more bad hair days and wasted money on snake oils, I promise!

Wishing You Lots of Healthy Hair Love!

Hair Thinning and Loss Product

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I have sensitivities to some ingredients used in hair care products. Is it possible to get an ingredients list prior to purchase?
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Very disappointed that I was unable to download the healthy hair guide. Could not get Dropbox to work. Any other options?


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