Hair Thinning + Loss Product + Natural + Organic


Hair Thinning + Loss Product + Natural + Organic

Hello Healthy Hair Tribe!

The Healthy Hair Workout is just like a normal work out but it takes only minute’s -instead of hours to do.

If it is that easy, why do some of my clients still tell me they have a difficult time remembering to use the Nectars in the morning or at night?

To be honest, figuring out the disconnect from my clients wanting to have healthy hair, knowing what I told them needs to be done and then them actually doing it, has been the hardest thing for me to understand. I thought when I created the Nectars was, “OMG! I finally figured this out, all my clients need to do now is use 2x a day.” Wow – was I naïve!

It took me a while to learn that while my clients and I are good about brushing our teeth and taking showers – all the rest of the stuff is just “fluff”. Which “fluff” we wish to put into our daily routine depends on how much we understand the benefits the product will achieve. When it comes to bad breath and smelly pits – we all know that it can happen instantaneously when we slack off…but when it comes to using an anti-aging product we don’t truly understand the benefits until we commit to following the recommended “dosage” and giving it time.

The reality is that as a society, if we decide it is a product we want to try, we know we want to see improvement pretty quickly to feel that our investment is worth it. However, pretty quickly is not normal in the anti-aging world unless surgery is involved. And since we see ourselves in the mirror everyday, when it comes to aging OR anti-aging for that matter, we don’t see the change like a friend or family member would who hasn’t seen us for a while. So patience must be a virtue here!

So how did I solve the “Just Use It!” dilemma? To be honest, this blog is my solution. I still feel that at the end of the day it all comes down to education. If you feel like you want to do something about your hair thinning and hair loss, in order for you to feel confident about investing in a product to change your hair’s destiny you need more information.

My other solutions are my many FREE RESOURCES available here. I recommend you check out this FREE DOWNLOAD that helps my clients do the correct HEALTHY HAIR WORKOUT.

My New Years Resolution challenge to you is to go for it and get the “body” of your hair dreams and my promise to help you get there is to be here to answer ALL of your hair questions….

So bring them on! What are ALL the questions you have about hair thinning and hair loss and HEALTHY HAIR NECTAR?

This 2017, I promise - “I have got you!”

Wishing You Lots of Healthy Hair Love!

Hair Product for Hair Thinning and Loss

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