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Hello Healthy Hair Tribe!

I am writing to you from Maui where I am minutes away from heading out to play in the ocean with my son, Jett. I just finished giving myself the once over in my swimsuit before throwing on my cover-up when I thought…”SK! Why didn’t you act sooner??? Why didn’t you take your work out regimen more seriously before this vacation?!”

The truth was I was having a hard time “finding the time” with my busy lifestyle to fit in the gym, mostly because it wasn’t on top of my list. I was “hiding out” under my clothes- no one knew how I looked in a suit, but me. Now…as I am about to chase my son around on the beach, I wish I took action earlier, knowing the future SK today would have been very grateful that I did!

Hiding our thinning hair is similar to me hiding behind my clothes, because for years we can safely hide the thinning by the way we style our hair. Thankfully, our hair secret is guarded by our stylist and maybe a few close friends.

But if we keep this secret amongst ourselves with no action taken….it just gets worse. Why don’t we take action? (Too much misinformation - I will discuss this later) BUT the statistics show that if we could get our hair back, we would do it…According to Statistic Brain Research Institute 47% of those suffering from hair loss say they would spend their life savings to regain a full head of hair and 60% would rather have more hair than money or friends. http://www.statisticbrain.com/hair-loss-statistics/

So is it safe to assume hair is really important to us? AND if it is that important and we would spend our life savings to get it back, why would it be so hard to get into a “Work Out” routine? Good Questions! (More on those later!)

I know that I will never make the same mistake I did about my gym routine with my “Healthy Hair Workout” routine because the BIG difference between my body getting “fit” and my hair getting “fit” is that I have a ticking clock when it comes to my hair health. I know that my scalp will start to calcify once I no longer have blood flowing to the follicle. I discuss what calcify means here.

If healthy hair is important to you, knowing that ticking clock exists will most likely get you to stop dragging your feet and finally address it. Establishing a routine that will support your “Healthy Hair Work Out” as soon as you notice hair thinning and hair loss will help you restore your hair to simply stunning!

Check out these tips to establishing a routine in 21 days:

Focus – Keep your Healthy Hair Work Out routine as your #1 goal. Focus only on this and do not try to change something else in your life. Having too many things we want to do makes it hard for us to focus and our success less likely. Soon, I will cover a step by step “Healthy Hair Work Out” guide that helped me and my clients get our hair back in shape.

Track Your Progress – This is so important! Especially when you are measuring your hair’s new milestones. I recommend taking a picture before you get started and re-take it on a monthly basis. I have a FREE DOWNLOAD here that will help you take the best photos to track your results. 

Make Your Hair Goals Rewarding – You will start to notice a difference in your hair (The Ultimate Reward!!) but lets be real and face the truth…it took our hair a while to get to where it is, so it will take some time for us to get it back. Patience is really difficult and we want gratification now, so think of a great way for you to feel rewarded for completing your “Healthy Hair Work Out” each week. Ever since I became pregnant, I reward myself with Organic Hazelnut Chocolate- hence my need to get to the gym! What do you like to reward yourself with?

Wishing You Lots of Healthy Hair Love!

Hair Thinning and Loss Product


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