Hair Product for Hair Thinning and Loss

Hello Healthy Hair Tribe!

People ask me all the time, “BUT – will this work for me?” YES, I am so happy to tell them. BUT their hair’s destiny is in their hands, literally!

Why do I say this? Here is some tough love for you today… Are you ready??? We are human and humans like to achieve results without doing the work. We are an instant gratification society. That is why my salon’s hair extension business is so popular.

So how can we get motivated to do something now to get the pay off later? That is a hard one to figure out! I compare my HEALTHY HAIR NECTAR to going to the gym. When we decide we want to be fit, most of us join the gym. Once we join the gym, we have to actually GO to the gym. Once we go we not only have to DO the work out, but we have to do the RIGHT work out to get our desired results. 

When we want the look of healthy, youthful and abundant hair, we need to do “The Healthy Hair Workout”:

  1. Purchase a product that addresses the 3 main contributors to hair thinning and hair loss - I recommend GROW

  2. Use the product

  3. Use as directed

This may sound pretty basic, but believe me…we don’t fall into routines so easily! I have been thinking about going to the gym for over a year now, since my son was born, and it took my family trip to Maui to finally get my work out routine established. It was a “Hail Mary” attempt, I was such a procrastinator! I didn’t give myself much time to feel good in my swimsuit. Unfortunately my putting off the gym made me feel a little less confident in my suit, but it got my routine FINALLY going. I just need to stick with it!

I discuss procrastination and how it is our worst enemy when we have thinning hair in my previous post. Putting something off until tomorrow is SO common, especially the gym AND choosing to fight back against hair thinning and hair loss.

It is commonly believed that it takes us 3 weeks or 21 days to establish a routine. Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD that will help you succeed at your Healthy Hair Workout routine so you can become a hair “workout” expert in no time!

Wishing You Lots of Healthy Hair Love!


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