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My mission is to tackle hair thinning and loss naturally, without toxic chemicals and create awareness about our overall health and how we can truly be well.

This mission started about seven years ago. I was four years into being a hair stylist and I was doing a lot of hair extensions. Most of my clients (myself included) were getting hair extensions because their hair was thinning and they didn’t have the answers to why.

In the 11 years I have been a stylist, I kept hearing the same thing from different people over and over again. They were fed up with their thinning hair and were completely frustrated in not knowing how to go about fixing it. It bothered me so much! I knew I had to figure out a way to help my clients (and myself!).

I have this passion to help every single person that sits in my chair, to not only have beautiful hair, but to truly be happy. I believe that hair health, self confidence and happiness are all intertwined.

I have spent the last decade working with clients to help them get their hair back and my life’s work is to educate women and men like you learn the real reasons why their hair is thinning and address them naturally, without toxic ingredients and a daunting stack of bills to pay in the end.

As a hair stylist, I hear many stories - as people tell their stylist everything! I hear the good and the bad and I see the pain people go through when they are not well. I hear it in their words and see it in their hair. When I see a client start the process of looking at the “root” cause of their hair loss and take this alternative journey to wellness, I see a shift in their happiness as well and it makes my journey as an educator all worth it!

Wishing you lots of Healthy Hair Love!

Sarah Kate
Creator and Proprietress of Healthy Hair Nectar ™